Sunday, 23 February 2020

Ciren Antiques Arcade, outdoor market and streets.

I paid a visit to the Cirencester Antiques Arcade recently and they allowed me to take some photos inside the arcade, it is a real Aladdin's cave with hidden rooms and winding staircases - some great displays and a real variety of items so definitely worth a visit.

I then grabbed some photos of the outdoor market and some of the stalls before getting some more images of the local streets.

We are lucky to have such a photogenic town that always good subject matter.

The Antiques Arcade.

The market.

The streets.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Local with the retro Nikon DF

I dug out my old Nikon DF and 24-120mm f4 recently and took a walk around our town.

It had been raining all day as we are in the middle of "Storm Dennis" and finally we had a respite and so I headed out to grab a few images in the clear air.

It was more enjoyable than I expected to use the DF again and the whole setup felt at once comfortable in my hands even though it is larger than the mirrorless I have been using for a while.

I am very happy with the images it delivered and these are the results below.

Some more local images from yesterday.