Thursday, 19 October 2017

Around town

Another dull, damp and dismal day today but I was determined to get out with the DF in town and grab a few photos both outdoors and inside the local church.

The DF captured images inside the church (4000 ISO) all handheld using the 50mm f1.8 G lens and the results can be seen below.

It is great to have the camera back and it compliments the D500 perfectly (D500 for sports / action and the DF for street / documentary).

The tactile controls on the DF are a joy to use and with the same sensor as the D4 / D4s in a body that is much smaller and lighter makes it a viable alternative as an easy carry camera that performs well.
The cost for a new one is prohibitive yet when they do appear on the used market (which is not often) they can be had for a sensible price.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Return of the beast

After 6 weeks, numerous emails and contacting Nikon's UK MD I have finally received my DF back!!

Apart from a replacement control wheel (the original problem) it has also had a full service, sensor clean all operations checked and calibrated and it feels like a new camera so I am very happy and the wait albeit long has been worth it.

I took it out today for a quick check shoot despite the fact it was misty and flat, I decided to use the 50mm f1.8 G lens and the trusty SB700 for some of the shots.

These are the results and I am happy to have it back and performing as hoped 😄

The walk

I was out for my daily walk yesterday and had just the D500+300mm PF as well as the SB700 for daylight fill, it was a good 3.8 mile walk round the lakes and through the village.

The weather was overcast but dry so the fill flash was needed to raise the subject and make the colours "Pop".

I cannot express enough my delight with the D500 and associated lenses / flash, they deliver what I want every time and are so fluid in their use so even though I got the D500 primarily for sport / airshows etc, it is so versatile that it can cover all subject matters without issue.