Sunday, 21 January 2018

Grey mist and fine snow

A miserable day weather wise today but I was determined to get out and take some photos of the local areas.

It never stopped raining so it was a case of getting the photo then returning to the car and wiping off the rain.

Once again the DF delivered despite the challenging circumstances.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Gloucester quick shots

I had a quick trip to Gloucester today and set my self a time limit of 1 hour to get as many street photos as I could that I would be happy to post.

Once again the DF with 24-120 did not let me down and captured images that I am pleased with.

Not too many characters of interest today but certainly a few worthy subjects to capture.

I had intended to go into the cathedral and get some photos in the cloisters but it was closed to the public until after 1630hrs so had to give it a miss - next time!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Coaley Peak

I was out for a short while this afternoon and headed over to Stroud area and Coaley Peak, it offers a great view across the valley and out to the Severn estuary.

It was a dull flat grey day with some haze so not optimum photographic weather so it was a challenge to see how the DF rendered the images - Delighted is the way I would describe the results and yet again that sensor really did a fantastic job.

I initially wanted to use only primes on this camera, however, since using the 24-120 on the camera it is now a permanent partnership that delivers fantastic IQ for a camera as small as it is.

The first image is a 4 image panorama taken from Frocester Hill and the others are taken near the car park including the flowers in memoriam of someone who sadly lost their life at Coaley Peak.

Only spent about an hour there before heading home.

Just a walk in the park

I had Friday off work so took the opportunity to take a walk in our local park.

It was bright when I first entered the park and as time went by it clouded over but still allowed some good photo opportunities.

We are so lucky to have a park that is over 7 miles long open to all yet within easy walking distance from the town centre.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Cold and clear at the lakes

It was a lovely cold, clear and sunny day today so a perfect day to get out and take some photos.

I grabbed a few photos by the canal / 4 Pillars hotel before heading over to SCOEC (South Cerney Outdoor Education Centre) for some photos as the sun was going down.