Friday, 15 February 2019

Street in Black and White

I have been out doing some street lately as it has been too long since my last set.

I wanted to take them in Black and White rather than colour so the subject and lighting is the main point of interest and not impacted by colour in the image.

It is good to engage with the subject where necessary and show them the results as well as offer to send them a copy if interested, where I have / do photograph those living on the streets I will offer to get them hot food & drink rather than give them money that may be used for other purposes.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Lower Moor Farm

Back to Lower Moor Farm recently on a windy day, there was not a lot happening as most of the wildlife had enough sense and took shelter rather than struggle trying to fly in the windy conditions.

I did capture some shots of a heron flying overhead and another one coming into land on a branch at the waters edge.

I also spent some time in a hide and captured some images of some of the smaller birds as they were looking for food including one of the birds with an injury - it was able to fly perfectly well though.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

February starts with snow

Well here we are on 1 Feb 2019 and we have snow so I ventured out to grab some images of the snow falling.

Took a few images of some of the streets around town before heading up to the park to meet my wife and have a nice hot chocolate and grab some images of "Beano" the converted horse box used as a one stop coffee & cake shop - they serve lovely hot drinks and dangerously tasty cakes!!