Saturday, 25 May 2019

Hot weather life

Back at the nature reserve again yesterday and it was very hot and humid that at times with dark clouds overhead threatened some thunder, it did not arrive and things brightened up despite the humidity.

There was not a lot of activity and talking to some of the regulars they said that this type of uncertain weather tends to make the animals and insects hunker down and stay safe.

There were a few insects and dragonflies about but not as many as I had hoped for and this was the general consensus of others at the reserve.

It was a nice ending to the visit as I called into the hide to take cover as we had a few spots of rain and was presented with the beautiful sight of the two swans still with their three signets all swimming in line.

Slimbridge Wildlife Wetland Trust (WWT)

On Tuesday this week we decided on the spur of the moment to pay a visit to Slimbridge Wildlife Wetland Trust and see some of the new life as well as the Otters.

The weather was perfect and there were plenty of visitors including families with young children so a superb start to their understanding of nature.

There were some new ducklings, goslings and young moorhens (they always look a little tatty) as well as the usual suspects and the otters were performing brilliantly so I was able to capture some images I am happy with despite having to shoot through the perspex for some of them swimming.

Another enjoyable outing that we enjoyed and well worth the visit.

Monday, 20 May 2019

New Life appears

I was back at the nature reserve again recently and it was an overcast day but nice and warm with occasional short spells of sunshine, this in turn brought out many of the nymphs that in turn released the new dragonflies.

There were also a few other small insects about on the day as well.

A beautiful sight to see as they emerged and then waited for their wings to dry before making their first flight.

I also had the pleasure of seeing the swans with their signets and also after a short swim, seeing them climb on her back to be carried - lovely family unity.