Monday, 9 July 2018

First visit to Thruxton race circuit.

I paid my first visit to Thruxton race circuit yesterday (1 of 2 tickets as part of my retirement gifts from work).

I wanted to try the G9 out at a circuit and see how it coped and to use centre spot in AFC mode.

It was a very dry hot day (by UK standards) so we had a lot of heat haze for longer shots and the 100-400mm was just a little too long for certain areas so I had to do a fair amount of walking to try and find good vantage points to use the lens effectively.

I did also have the D500+300mm with me and used that later on for some photos and to compare the efficiency of the AFC - absolutely no doubt, the D500 has a far superior AFC / tracking capability than the G9 even though the G9 did deliver some images I am pleased with - I know I still need to get used to the G9 and it is a superb camera.

The images below are from both cameras from the day.

Panasonic G9 + 100-400mm

Nikon D500 + 300mm PF

Thursday, 5 July 2018

G9 afternoon walk

Another scorching hot day today so I decided to go out for a country walk.
I took the G9 and the 100-400mm, walked through the park and grabbed some shots of flowers nature and some people chilling on a bench.
Summertime=light, colours, relaxation and photo opportunities.