Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lady She with the new hat

She has just purchased a new hat and as I had not shot any portraits using my new flash units took the opportunity to try them out using She as a model.

The lights worked well and below are the results all taken with the EM1 and the 45mm at f4.

She wanted a sepiatone image

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Flying the wind

I had to to Gloucester to collect a parcel and on the way back decided to call in at the viewpoint near Nympsfield, a great view right across to the 7 estuary.

I had not planned the visit so only had my constant companion (Ricoh GR) with me so used it to grab some images of the view, the paragliders and even a hang glider leaving the hill.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Weston Super Mare - a day at the seaside

I have had a weeks holiday and we have done a few trips out in between "essential chores".

We planned a day trip to Weston on Wednesday as the weather was supposed to be good - it was, overcast when we got there but then sunshine for the rest of the day.................6hrs later we were ready to go home, full of fresh sea air, fish and chips and lots of walking - Day done!

These are images all taken with the Ricoh GR, a superb compact APS-C sensored camera that delivers really good quality images as well as being a joy to use.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Countryside captures

I was out walking through our local park recently and took the Fuji X100s with the TCL-X100 telephoto lens adapter, this converts the fixed lens from a fixed 35mm equivalent to a 50mm.

I do like the 50mm as it was a focal length I used a lot when working as a Photo Journalist.

This combo is well balanced and a superb unit that is a real tactile experience, very Leicaesque!

The flowers of Cecily Hill

The resurfacing of Thomas Street, and the need for a wash!