Thursday, 29 August 2019

Black and White.

Recently I have been out with the little compact and taken some street shots as well as some recently of some old quarrying machinery.

Travelling light and using a small compact does allow me to take street images without drawing attention to what I am doing yet still gives me flexibility and images that work.

Cheltenham Streets

Old Quarrying Equipment left to rust and rot

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Gloucester Retro

I visited Gloucester on Sat 24 Aug so that I could take some photos of the Retro event with the RX100.

It was really busy with a fantastic mix of vehicles from all eras as well as many people in re-enactment dress all enjoying the event, I even came across a wedding group outside Shire Hall and grabbed a shot of the group.

The weather was very hot and some of the uniforms must have been very, very hot.

It was a superb event and really well attended - a real credit to all who took part.

Swindon Streets

I went to Swindon recently and took some images on the streets so that I could convert them to B&W.

I am happy with the results and there were some interesting subjects. Sony RX100.