Wednesday, 25 December 2013

EM1 Images

I was out on Christmas Eve as we had some blue skies and sunshine following the terrible weather the day before, took the EM1 out with the 12 & 25mm lenses.

I am happy with the results but not sure whether I prefer the colour or B&W versions so I am posting both sets on here

A great camera and 2 stunning lenses.

Boxing Day Hunt

I went to the traditional hunt held in Cirencester Park on Boxing Day, decided to set myself a challenge by using just the 75mm lens.

I climbed on an old hay cart that was strategically placed right in the middle of the start of the course so offered a good vantage point as the hunt was leaving.

The weather was a mix of strong side lit sunshine and shadow (cold when the sun was in) but the vantage point and height it offered was worth it.

I wanted to shoot a couple of portraits of my wife and I today so put the 45mm on the EM1, used the FL50R flash with diffuser and a reflector - I also used the Olympus WiFi app on my phone to control the camera for the photos, very pleased with the combo, app and the results.

A brighter day today and the moon was still visible to grabbed a few images

A photo of Sheila with her new hat

Came across this old Messerscmitt car

Backlit and yellow - natures beauty

Sunday sunshine - EM1+100 - 300mm.