Friday, 21 February 2014

Brighton - the 4 day break

We managed to get away to Brighton for 4 days and while Sheila was working her way through the vintage shops in the Lanes, I was out taking photos.

I took the Fuji X100s and the Olympus OMD (with 4 prime lenses) and tried to utilise both for capturing the sights as well as the aftermath of the storms.

I will split this down by days / cameras - photo heavy but no point in having cameras if you don't use them!

Sun 16th Fuji sun on the seafront!

 She was taking a photo through a hole in the piece of wood

 Washed up fishing line

OMD along the front

 The tourist

 A washed up trainer 

A section of the old pier had been washed away by the storms

Hanging around

The cameraman with a tripod

Mon 17th Fuji - Street art and style

OMD - The American Diner

 Sheila enjoying a milkshake!

Along the front with the OMD

 The sea was still lively

 A washed up starfish


 Part of fishing pot and stones washed onto promenade

 Scooter lady!

 Enjoying the stiff sea breeze

 And still they run


 He was determined to catch a wave


 Running down

 The artist

Tue 18th - Fuji

 The Pavillion

Tue evening - stunning sunset and evening shots with Fuji

My beautiful wife - fill flash

Wed 19th - Fuji - Sheila in the Lanes

 She wore it well


 A world of his own


 Another artist


 Bouncing on the wire