Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ricoh GR

Had a major clear out and traded in 4 items of photo equipment I do not use that were collecting dust, they gave me enough to be able to add some money to and pick up a Ricoh GR.

I have had  quite a few Ricoh's before and they have all been superb cameras designed by photographers, for photographers!

The GR is not much bigger than the original GRD series but it now has an APS-C sensor inside.

These are my first images with it and it is a joy to use all with auto ISO.

This is 800 ISO without flash hand held

Macro setting

Sunday - Swindon in B&W

After work


Power to the people

Saturday afternoon in the countryside

Evening images

4 shot panorama

Status badge

Weather front

Time exposures in the chapel at the Monastry

Threatening skies

Some night shots


Ye olde world

Misty morning


Autumn weather