Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Derbyshire Dales as they should be seen.

In Sep this year I was in Buxton, Derbyshire for a couple of days of work and took only the Fuji X100 with the intention of capturing some of the stunning landscape.
We had heavy and persistent rain for the time and I only managed to get the chance of taking photos for about an hour after we finished work for the 2 days.
The X100 delivered some stunning images that captured the stunning scenery and the challenging weather that added impact - I converted these to B&W as they have more impact!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cherries on a cloud - 1940′S Radio Show - Burlesque show

We went to a Burlesque show last night put on by Kittyribbons a renowned Burlesque artiste (Cherries on a cloud fame).

It was a great event and the artistes were excellent;  I managed to capture some images of the evening.

This is my wife "Lady She" with "Lucky Uncle George" (who added the humour with a repertoire of gags from the era)

This is the group of us who went, my lovely wife She, our beautiful daughter Zea, a friend worth her weight in gold Jude and the incredibly talented vintage couturier Johnny from "Johnny Rocks" in Cheltenham.

On with show.

The compere for the evening was the superbly funny, forthright and awe inspiring Miss Em, she kept the audience laughing and had a great way with one and all.

Kitty Ribbons - the lady who formed "Cherries on a cloud" and has put on 8 shows with more to come next year, she really knows how to put on a great show and is the consummate performer

Dulcie Demure, a tall stunning lady who really works the audience well and captures the true essence of Burlesque.

Kitty Kane, slim and sleek with a real European look and fun filled routine

Paige Turner, a lady fairly new to Burlesque who did a superb job of making the era of the suffragettes look elegant and yet allowed an insight into the naughty but nice side of life from back then.

Lucky Uncle George, a man of many talents with a sharp wit and suits to match who provided the evenings comedy routines