Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year's Eve day

We had a fun lunch with the family and our grandson today and then Sheila and I headed over to Tetbury to have a walk and look around the shops that were open.

We had a look in the "Highgrove" the shop related to and sponsored by Prince Charles and Highgrove House located just outside Tetbury and the home of the Prince.

Our final stop off was at "Top Banana" a renowned collection of antique stalls across 3 floors with a real mix of items - a very interesting place to visit.

I travelled very light and had just the tiny Fuji X70 with me and it did a good job of capturing what I wanted.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Boxing Day hunt meet

We attended the annual meet of the Vale of the White Horse hunt meet on Boxing day in the local park, this is a drag meet to prevent any real foxes being caught.

The weather was cold and bright and there was a good crowd in attendance so a good opportunity to take some photos.

I took the pair of Nikon's with me and just 2 lenses, the DF had the 24-120mm for close ups and some wider angle images and the D500 with the 300mm for some longer shots.

I am happy with the images and both cameras behaved exactly as I wanted.

Early morning frost

The Earl's mansion house

A few spectator's and hunt member's arriving

The hunt master and hounds arrive

A glass of port before the off

They start at an early age

The regulars

The hunt begins


A family affair

The last man