Sunday, 27 May 2018

Southmoor country walk

We were in Southmoor near Abingdon recently as my wife was delivering a speech to the WI so while I was waiting for her I decided to take a walk through the countryside.

It was very close and clammy and threatening thunder with changing light and sky but I was still determined to walk and grab some images with the small and superb Pen F.

There was quite a bit of heat haze about and the sky was becoming more threatening as time went on, I did get a little wet as it started raining before I made it back to safety but all in all it was a very pleasant 4mile plus walk.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Flying dragons

I wanted to try and capture some dragonflies in flight recently so headed out to the local lakes to see what was happening.

It was quite windy and it made the dragonflies very twitchy resulting in them not settling for long in one place as well as flying very erratically.

I stuck with the D500+300mm PF and managed to capture some static as well as flying images so it was worth the effort.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Cecily Hill Street Party - Sun 20 May

We had a street party on Sun 20th to celebrate the Royal wedding and what a superb event it was too.
There were over 140 attendees to include residents, friends, families as well as members of the aristocracy all mingling together for a fun time on a lovely summers afternoon.

There were commemorative spoons for all the children that will act as keepsakes and as well as a bouncy castle in one of the gardens, we had live music from the amazing Delores.

Food and drink were in abundance so no-one went hungry or thirsty and there were a few wobblers from too much drink even though they claimed it was the camber of the road!!

The photos below are a documentary of the event and I have provided a CD to be passed around so people can copy what images they want as a memory of the day.