Monday, 30 October 2017

Fuji X100s with the TCL

After my enjoyment of shooting street yesterday with the X100s I decided it was time to reunite myself with the TCL (Telephoto conversion lens) on the camera, this increases the focal length from the 35mm equivalent to 50mm so acts very much like a standard lens.

It does make the camera bigger and front end heavy however it is still a very small and manageable unit.

I tried it in town for some street work then had a quick trip into the park before finishing off back in town shooting street.

The quality of image is almost on par with the standard 23mm so it works well providing you are happy with the increased size and weight.

These are the results from today.

There is a little bit of barrel distortion but no more than expected 

 A few images in the park

 Back into town 

Bath with the Fuji

Visited Bath yesterday with my wife and daughter for a day out, it was crowded due to the Rugby game between Bath and Gloucester for the West country derby (Gloucester won 22 to 21).

Plenty of subject matter for photos and the weather was kind so while the family did their shopping I was on a photo walk around the streets.

I travelled light and took just the Fuji X100s and really enjoyed using it due to its size, performance and the fact it did not draw attention.

A good mixed collection of photos from the day.

A little humour, leg in brace outside rugby shop! 

Big Issue!


Bendy legs

The selfie

Close to the weir

The lady in the Internet cafe was oblivious to the outside world


The Royal Crescent is a row of terraced houses laid out in a sweeping Crescent.
Built in 1774

Plenty of customers queuing to buy supporter items

You can with a Canon.........can't you?

Where are my shoes?

He is watching

Look, press this button and.........

End of day