Friday, 16 December 2011

Fuji X100 - A product of beauty and substance

I picked up my new X100 on Sat 10 Dec.
It is a thing of beauty and substance and if used with thought, capable of producing incredible images that bear more resemblance to film than digital.

These are my first images taken on the day I collected the camera - it was evening so had to use 4000ISO to handhold the camera - these are also from JPEG originals, amazing quality!

My wife and I went to Bath yesterday and I concentrated on trying the camera in Auto ISO mode for street photography , these are shot between 250 / 2000ISO - very pleased.

We had our first touch of snow last night so off I went with the camera in search of some good scenes, this what I came back with - again the camera produced the goods.

Out again today late afternoon - Auto ISO all images between 1600 - 3200ISO. This camera really does produce superb images at all ISO's.


Boxing Day today and another damp, dull, overcast day with drizzle so I had to try and grab a few images, today's efforts are below.

My wife and I took a trip to Bourton on the Water, Glos yesterday - it is about 20min away from where we live but we do not visit very often - worth the trip.

Went to Gloucester with my friend Rob who used to be a professional and is a great photographer with a good eye - it was a superb afternoon despite being cold and windy!

A few street shots and a visit to the docks.

We finished the afternoon off with a visit to Gloucester Cathedral and images of the Cloisters and other areas - stunning environment for photography.

A few Black & White images taken in my home town of Cirencester - I used Silver Efex Pro2 to convert these to B&W

Decided I wanted to get some tree shots today and make them look dramatic by converting to B&W

Another one from last weekend that I like - the sky over the woods on the right had an interesting and contrasting shapes.

Fine Art tree shot converted using Silver Efex Pro2 - it added the border automatically.

I tried the inbuilt Panoramic mode today, it was set to replicate Velvia - pretty impressive stuff!

Final image from today, it was cold, clear and crisp so I stuck the camera on a tripod to get this sunset shot, I am very pleased with the result.

A very dull and wet day today but still managed to grab some images in between rain - at least the weather had good dramatic skies.

I saw this image that is a crop from a shop window poster - it appealed to me because of the eyes, colours, shadow and shape.

Sunday session starting with one colour then some B&W images.

I had a friend I have not seen for 30+yrs visit today with a model he was doing a portfolio shoot for, he was fine with me grabbing a couple of images that I converted to B&W to match the costumes.

Very cold day today after snow yesterday, nice weather though so just had to go out and grab some photos - lots of slipping & sliding though!

More Nik Silver Efex Pro2 images




  1. I really like this camera and your images show it delivers the goods. Fuji sensors take some beating and the design and concept of the X100 is very nice

  2. I really like some of the black and white shots. I find, like you, that the X100 produces some excellent shots at high ISOs, which was one of the reasons I bought it. Focusing, the feel of it in my hand, macro starting at 100 yards - these things aren't so great but still I've hung on to the camera. I like the fact that it is virtually silent and so small, and I like the jpegs straight out of camera. I've not found a raw converter I like yet - any thoughts on that would be most welcome. Thanks for posting the above pictures. BW.


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