Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lacock and Fox Talbot museum

For fathers day, my daughter took myself, my wife and our father-in-law to Lacock Abbey and the Museum, it was a great day and for me it was great to see the origin of photography.

The house was also used extensively in the Harry Potter films!

I decided to take just the Fuji X100 as I suspected there would be areas where we could not use flash.

 Lacock house & abbey

Bronze statutes of Fox Talbot

 His enlarger and wet darkroom equipment

 The words of Matilda Fox Talbot

The exhibition gallery for modern day exhibitors

This was my favourite print from the exhibition

The cloisters


The famous Oriel Window

Words on a page

The cauldron

The wine cellar

Dance steps?

Cake stands

The main stove

An old paraffin stove


Visiting children dressed up in period costumes

The main room

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