Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Weston-Super-Mare, a day at the seaside!

My wife and I drove the 60 miles to Weston last Sunday despite doubts about the weather, we were lucky and only had 15 min rain then the rest of the day was warm, overcast and bright so a perfect day for photography!

We also had detail in the clouds rather than the usual grey sky.

Took the OMD and switched between the 75 & 25mm.

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  1. Hi Ian,
    I just want to say i really enjoy your photographs, both on the 'other forum' and now on SC, they have been right near the top of my favorites. I'm just slowly getting back into photography with a X100 and Nikon P7700....slowly is the key word there!
    The fact that you live in a very beautiful part of England must be wife is English and we have visited from the States a couple of times a year for a few years...finally saw my first bits of sun in mid June!

    Thanks again, and I look forward to more.


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