Saturday, 18 January 2014

Fuji 100s - Beauty on steroids

After considerable contemplation and an opportune inquiry, I have taken the plunge and picked up a black Fuji X100s (my X100 has gone to Rob, a great photographer and friend who will enjoy and use it to its full capacity).

Quite a few subtle differences on the new one (mainly inside) but I do like the black version!

I took a battery along and grabbed a few shots in Cheltenham after collecting the camera from the shop and I am very pleased with the results, I am relly pleased to see it still holds the same magic charm as the X100 and delivers great quality results as well.

Met up with Rob to see how he was enjoying the X100 (he likes it.......a lot) and we grabbed a few images in the park - I had a bit of a tree thing going on!

Old buildings left to fall into disrepair

Some black and white trees

One of the Utterly Butterly display aircraft left to rot outside Rencombe Airfield, a first world war airfield that is still used for aircraft from the era.

Sun on a flooded field shot

Painswick before the rain

A couple of images from today, the first is one of my favourite scenes, I love the tall trees with the church in the background and sheep; the second is an image that I used the built in soft focus filter on, it reminds me of the Zeiss Softar I used many years ago.

Manged to grab some landscapes today and we had some sunshine!

The Panorama

Cirencester Street shots

Sunday sky - heavy hailstorms and moody skies

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