Thursday, 20 February 2014

Fuji X100s and EF-X20 flash.

I wanted to try the method advocated on the "Strobist" site where they shoot in JPEG and set the camera to 100 ISO, aperture priority f2 and set the ND filter to on then use a manual flash to overpower the ambient light.

The first image was taken in the evening at sunset using the settings above and camera flash in commander mode and EF-X20 set to 1/16th power, I am pleased with the result that has been edited using PS and Color Efex Pro but retains the light balance as shot at the time.

The images below were shot the next day, I set the camera to Raw+JPEG and 200 ISO, aperture priority f2 and ND filter engaged and again commander flash on camera and EF-X20 at 1/8th power to overpower the ambient light and make the subject stand out, again I am pleased with the result and the edited in PS + Color Efex Pro but balance of flash/ambient maintained.

This setup works well and the EF-X20 is an incredible little flash that in manual offers many levels of power settings to choose from.

Having a good subject helps though!!

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