Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Fuji TCL-X100 conversion lens on the X100s

I received my TCL-X100  today and it is beautifully made, exactly the same quality as the X100s and a perfect colour match.

It is a nice addition that provides good balance as well as producing superb image quality with no apparent loss of AF speed in daylight and a very slight loss of speed in dim light.

I am sure this will prove itself to be a well used portrait and street lens and it compliments the fixed lens very well and is easy and quick to add / remove.

These are my first images with it and while they may not be the best aesthetically, they do show how sharp it is and the nice bokeh it proves - so far so good!

Some images from Weston Super Mare using the TCL-X100

A publicity image I shot for my wife to advertise her vintage makeup business

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