Saturday, 4 April 2015

Nice lens!

We went to Cardiff yesterday and I found a couple of photo shops, the second one was a photographers dream with a brace of new and used equipment on display.

I asked about the 28-300mm and they had a used one in mint condition that they had just got hold of, it was a great deal so after trying it on a shop D800 I took the plunge, it also came with a 12month guarantee so no complaints.

I took it out today to see how it performs on the D810 and one word sums it up - Wow.  It will not replace my 24-120 f4 as that is a fixed aperture but for events requiring a longer lens (airshows etc) it will be a perfect choice.

Here are my first set of images from today (dull & overcast with very occasional sun so variable ISO up to 3200).

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