Sunday, 22 November 2015

Gloucester afternoon street

I went to Gloucester today with my good friend and superb photographer Rob, we had a great time walking around doing some street then down by the docks where there was a street market.

This was my first opportunity to try out the Fuji X-Pro1 with the two lenses that came with it as part of the bargain buy (effectively buy the 2 lenses and get the camera and ever ready case free!).

I set the camera up with auto iso and shot between 200 - 3200 and I am very pleased with the results, the camera is amazing and as much as I love my X100s I have to say the X-Pro1 is even faster to focus and a joy to use.

This camera makes me see and shoot in the same way as when I shot with the Leica rangefinders, considered images.

These are the first set of images with the camera and the 18mm and 27mm lenses.


  1. Great shots Ian the X-pro suits your style to perfection. The right tool for a man who knows how to spot a photos and get the very best from it.

  2. Thanks Rob, we work well together and it was a great day of photography with a very skilled colleague.


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