Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A wet one

Surprise, surprise another very damp and dismal day albeit warm!

We had the very fine drizzle that slowly soaks you through but I did need to pop out late afternoon so took an umbrella and the X-Pro1 with the 18mm as I was determined to grab a few shots using the umbrella to keep the camera and myself dry......ish!

All the images below are taken hand held between 1000 - 3200 ISO and once again I am very pleased with the results and the Fuji exceeds my expectations.

I did pop into the church for a short respite and to light some candles so grabbed a couple of hand held shots inside and one of the organist rehearsing for a service.

The Church

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  1. Magic mixed lighting I think you caught the right time of day to capture some great images


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