Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The mighty mini Fuji

I picked up my new Fuji X70 today (traded in my Ricoh GR to fund this).

It has the same sensor as the X100T in a tiny body, no optical viewfinder but a superb tilting screen coupled with X100T image quality combined to convince me to do the deal.

A very sturdy and tactile camera in a package the same size as the GR.

I grabbed some very quick photos and I am very much getting used to it but already find the tilting screen a great advantage and the AF is nice and fast.

I need to give it more time but so far so good and it renders those wonderful Fuji colours!!

These are today's quick grabs with the camera not even set up completely to my satisfaction.

I have also added 3 macro photos and some B&W images taken over the past couple of evenings.

Macro images

B&W Images

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