Saturday, 21 April 2018

Four thirds of Brighton

We had a few days in Brighton recently to celebrate my retirement and the weather was stunning and just like summer days with temperatures hovering around 24°C for the week albeit with a touch of heat haze!

I took the Nikon and the Olympus Pen F but ended up just shooting with the Pen and to top it all, I visited the well know "Clock Tower Cameras" who have been trading for years and have a superb reputation for knowledgeable staff and an abundance of quality used equipment.  They had a lovely quality Olympus 12-40 f2.8 Pro lens for a very good price so I tried it and the rest is history - they reduced it even more for me and threw in a soft case.

The quality of image this lens produces is superb and it is built like a tank and when coupled with the Pen F makes a superb street camera that had pushed my Fuji into 2nd place.

The danger of being a photographer in Brighton is the never ending supply of available subject matter; throw in sunshine and hot weather and the opportunities are multiplied exponentially - a real photographers dream especially if you like documentary / street work.

I have started with the low light, sunset shots then into some general land / seascapes and ending up with street all taken over a two and a half day period.

All images are hand held and small JPEG's in comparison to Raw originals so there is some quality loss due to compression­čś×

American Diner!

The old pier and fill flash

Arcade on the pier

One of the many interesting shops

Royal Pavillion coffee shop

Clock Tower Cameras - "kid in sweet shop syndrome"

Seascapes  / beach shots

People on the pier

British Airways i360

On the streets

The Royal Pavillion

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