Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bristol Street Art

I was in Bristol on Sat and collected my Fuji 16-55mm f2.8lens that is part of a trade in deal I have agreed with a very good camera chain.

Rob was with me and after leaving the trade in equipment with them for checking, I took the new lens and Rob and I headed over to the street art festival.

It was a very well attended event spread out across a wide area with art on buildings and private houses as well as live work where you could see the artists doing their thing.

We grabbed plenty of images and these are the ones I took with the X-Pro2 + 16-55 lens.


  1. Excellent shots Ian thats a great lens.
    A great photo day out, the evnt will go down on my list to do again next year.

  2. Thanks for sharing so many images. I'm particularly interested as I've just got my xt2. I'm contemplating the next choice of lens and having a good look at your shots with the 100-400, although I might go for the 50-140?

    1. Thank you, I have just ordered the 50-140 to sit in between the 16-55 and the 100-400 so a good combination of pro quality weather proof fast zooms for mainly documentary / sport / wildlife and airshows.


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