Monday, 18 July 2016

Pre-war Prescott.

I was at Prescott on Sat with Rob, it was a pre-war hill climb event with a real mix of classic cars all lovingly looked after.
It was a well attended event with really friendly people and to top it all, the weather was perfect.
We had freedom to walk around the pits for a close look at the cars and chat with the owners / drivers and the spectator areas around the circuit afforded some great photographic vantage points so we could get the images without issue.
All in all a superb day of photography.


  1. Outstanding photos. Could we make contact?

    Ian Grace
    Pre-War Prescott organizer

  2. Hello Lansky
    I am the owner of AYY 476 (1934 MG PA) and I am enquiring as to whether you can sell me a print please (10x8). It's not often you get a picture driving your own car, so would be most grateful. E-mail address is
    Regards Keith Nelson


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