Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Wartime in the Cotswolds - Toddington

We were at Toddington railway station this weekend as my wife was working there with her Beauty salon offering vintage hairstyles, makeup as well as a selection of clothing and other vintage items.

The event was a great opportunity for photos and I have broken it down into 3 x photo sessions - Friday when we were setting up on a cloudy and overcast day, Saturday when we had rain for most of the day and Sunday when it was dry but overcast with a chilly wind.

Despite the challenges of the weather it was a well attended event and there were plenty of photo opportunities and a good opportunity to use both the Pen F and the Nikon DF.

Fri set up with the Pen F (overcast and dull)

Saturday with the DF - wet and cloudy

Sunday - final day (overcast, cold but dry) - Pen F

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