Friday, 25 May 2018

Cecily Hill Street Party - Sun 20 May

We had a street party on Sun 20th to celebrate the Royal wedding and what a superb event it was too.
There were over 140 attendees to include residents, friends, families as well as members of the aristocracy all mingling together for a fun time on a lovely summers afternoon.

There were commemorative spoons for all the children that will act as keepsakes and as well as a bouncy castle in one of the gardens, we had live music from the amazing Delores.

Food and drink were in abundance so no-one went hungry or thirsty and there were a few wobblers from too much drink even though they claimed it was the camber of the road!!

The photos below are a documentary of the event and I have provided a CD to be passed around so people can copy what images they want as a memory of the day.

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