Saturday, 4 November 2017

Day and night

I decided to have a play with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos today using the Fuji X100s.

I was conscious of trying not to take them to the point where they look more like posterised photos than normal photos, not sure about the results though and need to improve my skill with HDR processing if I want to repeat the exercise!

This evening I took the DF out to a viewpoint that overlooks Gloucester and grabbed a photo of the valley looking toward Gloucester with some fireworks visible in the image and the city lights early evening and a little later when it was even darker.

I also grabbed a quick image of the moon that was very bright tonight.

It was cold and windy on the viewpoint with quite a few people waiting for some fireworks that alas were not as good as hoped but there are so many photos of displays close up that I wanted to do something from further afield with other points of interest as well.

Gloucester from the viewpoint

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