Sunday, 5 November 2017

Trees, Driffield church and the lakes with Watermark club and houses.

Out again today with the DF, it was a beautiful day albeit chilly as the day went on.

I wanted to re-visit some really old trees that I had photographed before and processed the results in B&W as I think it does them more justice than colour (I have also added the colour versions)

I called into Driffield Norman church and grabbed a few photos of this very small church that has stood the test of time.

I then walked the country path that brought me to an area suitable to take two images of the Watermark club and houses and join them together later as a panoramic before heading back so I could try an HDR image of the castle with the church in the background and see how the DF delivers this.

All in all another good afternoon of photography coupled with my daily exercise.

The old Norman Church

Watermark panorama

Old castle with church in the background - HDR

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